About FryPHP templating engine

FryPHP is fast and easy to learn templating engine/system for PHP5. FryPHP uses plain PHP for templating.

Why another templating system? Well... I have tried and even worked with a lot and was not happy with any of them. They all as a rule force you to learn a "new language" and it's not right. I do not believe in all that designer safety and all... As my practice showed - competent enough people: HTML guys who know PHP or even programmers and surely not designers work with dynamic part of templates (of cource there are exceptions).

FryPHP is written in object oriented manner using test driven development (TDD).

FryPHP allows local variables for each template, you also can set global variables. FryPHP makes use of method overloading and provides FryHelpers which save a lot of time on routineous HTML generation, such as selects generation for date selection.

FryPHP is very young project so more documentation, examples etc. are still to come.

For now, most of Fry's features can be learned by reading test files.